Honorary Chairman of China Association for the Promotion of the People

Huang Haoming, Vice President of China Association for the Promotion of Social Organizations, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Strengthening the Capacity Building of Non governmental Organizations and Promoting Global Sustainable Development Cooperation". He shared eight major findings about the functions of social organizations in China, including the increase of the employed population of social organizations, the obvious contribution of new employment, the effective process of specialization, the increase of the contribution proportion of non-governmental organizations, the small employment scale of social organizations, the employment difference of three types of social organizations, the fund as the main body of financing, and the growth difference of social organizations. At present, the scale of charitable organizations is far from meeting the needs of sustainable development. China's social organization capacity building and development faces challenges such as weak organization scale, lack of professional managers, insufficient talents of foundations, serious loss of high-end talents, low social status of talents, and lack of talent reserves. He emphasized that capacity building is the fundamental issue for the development and stability of social organizations. The training of social organization talents requires the full support of social forces and the help of professionals to achieve the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. "Cooperation and collaboration are the driving force for the development of social organizations," said Huang Haoming.