Pre-dispersed rubber masterbatch S-80



Main composition

80% sulfur powder


20% ethylene propylene rubber carrier and surface active dispersant


Yellow granules



Physiological Characteristics

Refer to relevant safety information


Function and application: It is a vulcanizing agent for natural rubber and synthetic rubber and has excellent compatibility with special rubbers. In the process of using, it can be quickly mixed into the rubber and has excellent dispersibility, which can prevent the rubber from local overvulcanization, thereby improving the aging performance and dynamic fatigue performance. It can eliminate the structural block and dust problems of the powdered vulcanizing agent. With excellent fluidity, it can be quickly mixed and absorbed in various rubber materials and dispersed evenly, ensuring the best activity of the effective composition of sulfur. Thus, it's widely used in various rubber products and tire processing.

Packaging: Pack in 25kg carton lined with plastic bag

Storage: Store in a ventilated, cool and dry place, avoid heat and moisture, and store at least half a year.