Chemical name: Sulfur

Molecular formula: S

Technical specifications:



Appearance (visual inspection)

Yellow powder

Total sulfur content % ≥


Moisture content % ≤


Acidity content (as H2SO4) % ≤


Ash content % ≤


Properties: Non-toxic, combustible, yellow powder. It is soluble in carbon disulfide, insoluble in water, and slightly soluble in ethanol and ethers.

Use: Used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, liquid sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfite, carbon disulfide, sulfoxide chloride, chromium oxide green, etc. The dye industry is used to produce sulfide dyes. It is also used in the manufacture of pesticides and firecrackers. Sulfur powder is used as a vulcanizing agent for rubber and is also used in the preparation of match heads. It is used in the paper industry to cook pulp. It is also used in metallurgy, mineral processing, smelting of cemented carbide, manufacturing of explosives, bleaching of chemical fibers and sugar, and treatment of railway sleepers.

Packaging: 25 kg, plastic woven bag lined with PE bag, paper-plastic composite bag, kraft paper bag.