Insoluble sulfur masterbatch OT20-80



Main composition

80% insoluble sulfur OT20


20% ethylene propylene rubber carrier and surface active dispersant


Yellow granules



Sulfur content%


Ash content %



Function and application: OT20-80 is easy to mix and won't agglomerate under normal storage conditions; it has good fluidity and no dust, thus it won't cause feeding loss; it's easy to mix and disperse in various compounds, ensuring the best activity of effective composition S. OT20-80 contains 80% of total sulfur, of which 70% of insoluble sulfur (insoluble in CS2) and 30% of soluble sulfur. Pre-dispersed OT20-80 is a vulcanizing agent for all natural rubber and diene rubber. Compared with ordinary sulfur, its excellent feature is that it won't cause bloom or migrate to other layers. Therefore, pre-dispersed OT20-80 is widely used in tires, conveyor belts, rubber shoes and other rubber products that require no blooming, multi-layer vulcanization, and high adhesion performance.

Packaging: Pack in 25kg carton lined with plastic bag

Storage: Store in a ventilated, cool and dry place, avoid heat and moisture, and store at least half a year.